Bhutan (Thimphu - Punakha - Paro)

Cancun in 5 days - Part 1

Calakmul - UNESCO World heritage Site (Our initial plan)

In this blog I have tried to provide a rough itinerary of our trip along with links to all the hotels we have stayed. We have received decent service on all the hotels at a reasonable cost and will highly recommend them.

Money Exchange

We took about 2500 pesos with us from Canada for emergency use. However, I will highly recommend bringing USD/CAD and exchanging here. There are many money exchange centers near Cancun hotel zone and ADO bus terminal with rates far better than banks in US/Canada. Although, almost all restaurants and shopping malls will accept USD their exchange rates is not as good (we found 2-3 pesos lower than exchange center).
Tips: If you can, go early in the morning for money exchange. We have noticed many run out of pesos during evening (may be due to pick season)

Airport Transfer

If you have booked an all inclusive hotel, your airport pickup/drop is probably included in the price. For our case, it was not all inclusive and we also stayed at different hotels for arrival and departures. For airport transport we booked via USA transfer for 55 USD. I think it is a reasonable round-trip price considering you can fit up to 4 people in their van for the same price and they provide very professional service. Other cheaper options will be taking the ADO bus from airport. We did not take ADO bus as it does not go via hotel zone and also our departure flight was 6 in the morning. If you are lighter on luggage's and flexible on schedule, I will recommend taking the ADO bus to downtown terminal. Once there, you can take R-1/R-2 bus to hotel zone.

Tips: Local bus like R-1/R-2 only accept cash in pesos or 1 USD.

Day 1 (Cancun Hotel Zone) - Beachscape Kin Ha Villas & Suites

After clearing the customs at Cancun International, we found our USA transfer agent waiting near the greeting area. We reached our resort around 6PM. It was hot and humid in Cancun even in this winter time. After checking in, we went to the beach side bar for dinner. I really liked the candle light dinner settings in the bar. It was very romantic and it felt like we are in honeymoon. After finishing our romantic dinner, we went for a walk by the beach under moon light. It was a sweet feeling walking by the beach after long time. Before going to bed, we walked to a  grocery store right across our hotel to buy drinking water and some snacks.

Tips: Don't drink tap water.  Always buy filtered bottled water during your stay at Mexico.

Sandy Beach beside our Hotel

Day 2 (Isla Mujeres) - Beachscape Kin Ha Villas & Suites

We took the R-1 bus from hotel zone to Puerto Juarez ferry terminal. There are other ferry terminals which are near hotel zone like Playa Tortuga. However, for all other options last ferry returns before sunset except Puerto Juarez. We heard that sunset is particularly beautiful at Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres and decided to wait for the sunset. If sunset is not your thing then I will recommend taking the ferry from Playa Tortuga terminal.

Tips: Double check with the bus driver whether it will go to Puerto Juarez. Not all R1/R2 goes there.

After getting off from the ferry, we took a short stroll around the city and had lunch in a beach side restaurant. There were golf carts for rent. However as we were just two people, we found taking the taxi is the cheaper option. We rented a taxi for 100 peso all the way to Puna Sur - South point beach. View there was simply gorgeous. I have never seen water so blue. Also, there were many Iguanas sunbathing nearby which was cool to see.

Gorgeous view at Punta Sur

Iguana relaxing at Punta Sur beach

Punta Sur Entrance

After spending about an hour at Punta Sur we called a taxi to visit the Turtle farm. It was a small farm with turtles with different ages. After that we headed for our final destination - beautiful Playa Norte.
Beautiful Playa Norte!

Sunset at Playa Norte

Part 2 of the blog will cover Day 3-5 - Chichen itza, Tulum Ruin, Tulum City, Coba Ruin, Paradise Beach. Stay tuned :)

Bonus: List of Mayan ruin. I plan to check out all of then over the coming years :)